Industrial Visit - VI, Roots Industries India Ltd.

Industrial Visit - VI, Roots Industries India Ltd.

Industrial Visit  - VI, Roots Industries India Ltd.

Roots Industries India Ltd., Thoppampatti

A 17-member delegation have visited M/S. Roots Industries India Ltd, Coimbatore, (RIL) established in 1970 is the flagship company of the Roots Group and its products find pride of place in some of the world's most popular automobile brands. RIL has a full-fledged manufacturing facility in India, Malaysia, Russia and has offices in strategic locations across the world. 

The company manufactures a wide range of Electric Horns, backup alarm and electronic horns with multi-functional capabilities for passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles and material handling equipment. 

It has subsequently added to its product offerings with halogen bulbs, disc brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, batteries and reverse sensors. 

Roots is an organisation with lots of specialties like First Generation start up Company and became a most successful and triumphant in the category of the range of products. Even after 50 years of solid presence in the market, they claim 60% market share in OEM sector and 35% share in open market, proudly claimed by Shri.O.A.Balasubramaniam, Managing Director of M/S.Roots Cast Private Limited, also the former President of Coimbatore Management Association.  

The delegates have been enriched with enormous amount of knowledge on how a well carved modern management practices will make an organisation to become most successful in all dimensions and to be a market leader for decades.  


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