Industrial Visit-V: M/S. Repose Mattress P Ltd

Industrial Visit-V: M/S. Repose Mattress P Ltd

Industrial Visit-V: M/S. Repose Mattress P Ltd

Repose Mattress P Ltd.

The 5th Industrial visit for the MC members and the faculty from Students Chapter Institutions was organised at M/S. Repose Mattress P Ltd, Coimbatore, on 08.12.2022. A 15-member delegation benefitted from visiting one of the leading organisations in the field of manufacturing mattresses and pillows. CMA has specifically chosen this organisation to make the delegates understand the business strategy of a company that produces an intimate product, as customers spend one-third of their life time by sleeping 8 hours on Repose mattresses. The delegates were taken on factory tour where they witnessed a stringent quality measures and modern production management practices.

M/S Repose is a fastest growing company in this industry, and reached a 3-digit figure of revenue in just nine years of its incorporation, which is a significant accomplishment in comparison to all the existing companies in the market, including the stalwarts. Because of their customer centric approach, they have got the Best Brand award from The Economic Times in 2018-19 & 2020-21, and Top 100 SME award from GOI in the year 2020-21.


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